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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Some of my verse and prose

Copyright © Poppy Ann Miller 2010


'Mum - look! Watch me - now!'
Fragmented shards - precarious - unbalanced.
No flippant, ‘Mmm’, could fool that little beggar.
Grin-on-a-bike crashes to the ground.
A fingers wipes a tear away.
A broken heart goes AWOL.


Can you see?
This video needs tracking.


Mary’s wet her knickers!

Look, there I am!
In a stripy tea-towel,
Next to Joseph,
With my mates.
Well cool.'

Image in a frame
‘Mum! What does effin’ mean?’
Foam, green silk, bog-eyed mask,
Nails screeching down a board – claw back from the edge.


Wet crystals
 on the pane,
 with the pain.
‘Jeez Mum! You’re weird, Queen and country,
Do my bit. Did you clock my gear?
Combats made to army regs,
With my mates.
Well cool.’

Make one, slip one,

A knitted Thomas Tank.
Breathe his last dregs.
Passed - slipped-stitch - over
But his skin was still new.

‘Mum! She’s well fit.
I’ll bring her home - you can do a roast.’
Enlist - en-Gulf - engaged.
‘Anyway, I like the beach.
Just take a bigger bucket!’

Jet lichen smothers all this
Effin’ parasitic blackness.
‘Mum! Look! Can you see?
Three in, two back.
Crosses made to army regs;

With my mates.
Well cool.’



Now that we have taken separate paths and hindsight being the dubious gift it is, I would just like to say…..
It wasn’t all bad, was it?
Were we too young – unprepared?  Emotionally, without question.  Two lovers with rose-tinted specs who failed to consider that magnetic attraction could leave us poles apart.
When did we switch, from looking for the best to bringing out the worst, and eyes blinded by love become masked to the value of each other?  Did we just assume that we both had the same hopes and dreams before the path of unrealised expectations led through disappointment, rage, grief – silence?
We should have talked more – not less.
Somewhere along that path we lost those hopes and dreams and we didn’t go back and look.
There is more to both of us than the bitterness we discovered.  How paranoid we are when our lover becomes our enemy and hate is the concoction that drives us to play Jekyll to the other’s Hyde.
I’m sorry for the persistent tape of venomous words, spat in anger.  Don’t hold onto them – they were illustrations of my pain and I wanted you to feel it.  I became accomplished at editing out your good bits.  The tape now erased; you are not the monster.  You remain that kind, thoughtful person I met.  The one I got such a kick out of making laugh.  I have glimpses of you as a friend.  Is that possible?
We went through so much, maybe too much, could we forgive and set each other free?  I’d like to leave the past where it belongs, take from the good of our time together, learn from the not-so-good, and move forward.
May your dreams be fulfilled and your path through life be one of peace and contentment.
I wish you well.



To the pic

tures with my big sis

ter.  Dark fla

shes.  Cover my eyes with my fing

ers.  Peeping through, I see a man on a la

dder, up at a win

dow.  A lady taking her head

off.  Must be a mon

ster.  That’s what I thought. When we got home.

The night my lit

tle sister was born.



Sly Ganja was the visitor what kicked off the atrocity,
Non de plume for agents Blow and Puff.
No lack of trepidation or conflicting hesitation.
Psychodrama acted in a treacle block.
Caped Crusaders bathed in acid. 
Brown polish filler in with skunk, nerves freeze in numbed callosity,
Spiral downers falling.

Calliper of booze and glue and shit and gleaming popping pill,
Shroud of calico from calif.
Nose candy cut with wormer gives crack ten after the burner,
cradles dreams which fly to Never-Never Land.
Lactating snow on mother’s breast.
Demented eyes glow red in space, that only Jellies fill
and flesh stops crawling.

Did Charlie choose the calibre of red graffiti in the mud?
Devil’s shiny angel skin.
Veins once virgins proud and plump, since smack’s too heavy stone
draw and shrink from hypers’ phallic thrust.
Body wrapped in news of yesterday.
As cardboard sheets soak up the piss, headlines scream from venal blood,
GBH and brawling.

Freebies, wash, a pick-and-mix to bind the jaw and calcify.
Satan fornicates with Sonic.
Big Horse was groomed to set the trap while Harry shut the door.
Such calumny, your Calvary.
You know to trip with someone straight!
This monolith, me man, me friend, no need to question how or why?
I thought I heard you calling.



I know I don’t often express with words what I feel in my heart.
If I’ve taken you for granted its only because you are as familiar and as vital to me as the air I breath.  After all this time, perhaps we have both become ‘part of the furniture’ but we dovetail into the perfect fit.
I still remember how my insides flipped when I first saw you and the Goosebumps as your hand brushed mine.
The roller coaster ride of our beginnings – the passion – the longing - waiting for the phone to ring.  When a cross word meant that the world would end.  Romantic meals that lasted hours, locked into each other’s gaze.  And cold food!  When the glimpse of your shoulder was enough to turn me on.
How we laughed - at everything!  Talked ‘til the small hours.  What about?  Did we walk barefoot through the grass?
That was love
So maybe we do share pizza more than passion these days.  Miss the endings of a hundred late night movies and maybe the earth no longer moves.  But at our core there’s a stream of molten gold and in it flows acceptance, trust and security.  We’ve found intimacy in the familiar.
You have given me so much.  Shown me how to tame anger and not be overwhelmed by passion.  Listened to my dreams and helped fulfil them
Our tree of life has taken a few knocks and even scraped off the bark in places.  But this only made our roots grow deeper, along with my love for you.  Please know that during those times I found strength in the certainty that you were by my side.
You are my rock, my friend, and my life.
On this our anniversary I want you to know that I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  
This is Love.